Flaxseed:: The Small Seed Of Hope for Healthy Living.
Flaxseed:: The Small Seed Of Hope for Healthy Living.

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Milled Flax Seed ? A Guide to Milling Ground Flax Seed

Milled vs. Whole Flax Seed

Do you eat Whole Flax Seed? If you do, you may not be getting all of the heart-healthy and nutrition benefits of this food's Omega-3 Oils. Milled Flax Seed breaks it down for your body to absorb. Unlike whole flax seed (which cannot be digested), Milled Flax Seed allows your body to fully absorb the benefits of the Omega-3 Oils. One serving (2 tablespoons) of Milled Flax Seed provides you with 2600 mg of Omega-3 Oils! Flax seed is also rich in dietary fiber, plentiful in vitamins and minerals, and has a long and interesting history as a food dating back thousands of years. The term "flax food" includes the whole flax seed, milled, ground or unmilled; flax oil; and flax meal, which is what is left after the oil is removed. The best flax food is organic milled flax seed.

a shovel of flax seed The oil is a fine source of the unsaturated fats, but it will not give you the fiber or the lignans. Flax seeds that are milled when you buy them lose those lignans quickly because they are exposed to oxygen. The best way to get all the health benefits of flax is to buy whole flax seeds and grind them at home. Flax seeds are easy to grind with a coffee grinder or food processor. This way you get all of the fiber, unsaturated fats, and the lignans for a maximum health benefit.

Storage of Milled Flax Seed

The best quality of certified organic Milled Flax Seed is cold milled (millhead temperature under 42C) directly into the consumer package (one package at a time) using a special flaking process that breaks up the seed - yet leaves the oil in the meat of the seed. The re-sealable, light-proof, reusable package must be immediately vacuum-packed to remove the air and exclude light. This method of cold milling and immediate vacuum packaging ensures optimum freshness for ten months or more.

Contrary to popular belief, researchers have shown conclusively that milled flax seed remains stable at room temperature for at least 128 days. Once milled Flax Seed is exposed to air and light rancidity develops rapidly and is evidenced by a bitter after taste - Rancid Milled Flax Seed should not be eaten.

You can also store ground or milled flax at refrigerator temperatures for up to 3 months or grind the flax as you need it. A benefit to buying pre-ground or milled flax is that many manufacturers treat it with antioxidants, extending the shelf life.

Consuming Milled Flax Seed

Milled Flax Seed combines the benefits obtained from consuming Flax seed Oil, Fibre preparations, Lignan, Mucilage (soluble fibre) and High quality protein all in one complete wholesome product, as nature intended.

Two tablespoons of Milled Flax per day helps maintain regularity. If presently on a low fibre diet, you may experience increased intestinal gas for the first day or two. Milled Flax Seed absorbs 8 times its weight in water, so drink an extra glass of water per day. Weight loss may occur when using three tablespoons or more of Milled Flax Seed per day. Fresh Milled Flax Seed has a light, nutty flavour and may be enjoyed on cereal, toast, in salads, as a dessert topping, or mixed in fruit juice, yoghurt, meal replacement, or in protein drinks.

A tablespoon of Milled Flax Seed also contains up to 3800 mg of ALNA, the primary Omega-3. This is 10 times as much as most fish oil capsules without the drawbacks, like the rancid taste, chemical residues, high cholesterol and saturated fat levels associated with fish oil.

Further Flax Seed Facts

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Flaxseed:: The Small Seed Of Hope for Healthy Living.
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Flaxseed:: The Small Seed Of Hope for Healthy Living.

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